acer aspire 5738z problem

Hi all,

i have a acer aspire 5738z, for the past 3 days i have been havin problems with it. Everytime i turn it on and loads up the time and date keeps resetting itself, the time shows as 01:00 and the date is 12th April 2016. It keeps messing up my antivirus software and security. I put the date and time right and have to restart the laptop for the security and it goes back to the same date and time again.

I have had the laptop for 6 months and contacted the people i got it from and they told me to contact tech support but i cant afford to pay more than £1.50 a min on my mobile.

Can anyone help please



has the machine been dropped or had a sharp jolt? (kinda sounds like
the CMOS battery might be loosing contact) do you have the owners
manual and does it include info on changing that battery? if so, just
check that it is secure in its holder…

do they have pay phones were you live?

or, know someone with a less expensive way to call the warranty folks?

or, why do you have antivirus software installed anyway?