Acer Aspire 5720z - FAN don`t work

i have a problem with acer aspire 5720z
i have suse 11.2 and windows 7
the problem is that when i work on suse and i start firefox it will shut down
on suse the fan don`t start
at “Acer” they told me that i need a program, something “power manager” that on windows it comes form microsoft directly

where do i get it for suse and how to install it?
i`m a begginer on suse

After looking around, I found several suggestions for you.

  1. Do not Use Hibernate or Suspend.
  2. Any time you run openSUSE, do so from a cold dead (no power start)
  3. Use a can of compressed air to clean out all cooling slots around the CPU.

In addition, I found one user that wrote a script file to address this problem. Here is the download link.

I don’t know anything about the script so use at your own risk and good luck.

Thank You,