Acer Aspire 5535 Standby issues

Hi I have recently decided to move from fedora 14 to opensuse 11.4 and I am trying to get standby to work at to moment after standby the laptop will not boot and the possessor light shows for a second and I then have to hold the power button down and reset Is they any way to get this to work as I have been searching google and I have found nothing and if it helps standby works on fedora 14 but hibernation does not and hibernation works on opensuse but standby does not thanks for the help

Could you tell us your installation procedure? Have you used Live cd or installtion DVD?

Hi I have use the dvd installer and the 64bit versions

Could you give me extra information?

Yes but what info do you need thanks


What type of graphic card you have ?

Make sure to add

splash = n

to /etc/suspend.conf to disable the splash screen during suspend.

When you go in standby and try getting out of it, do you have the feeling that your system recovers form it, but you only have a black screen?

Hi I a ATI Radon HD 3200 and adding the above still gives the same problem the screen just stays blank and nothing happens

You have the same problem as me… Are you using the proprietary driver or the free one ? Try with both of them to see if it works.

I thing maybe two" X" files are responsible.

stamos, what do you mean ?

I mean that:
When you install graphics cards’ drivers you add the repository and the two or one file for xorg. I call them X files.:slight_smile:
No confuse with movie.rotfl!

The close source is more stable.