Acer Aspire 5310 and Opensuse 11.3

Did install OpenSUSE on the aforementioned. Wow. Everything worked out of the box. The problems I had where mainly PEBKAK so I cannot claim a lot of things. Google Earth crashes, so I should file a bugreport (if I will have access to the protocol still, the machine isn’t mine). Then, some plasma crashes in the beginning while fiddling around with the command-line options etc.
Has made well some steps forward. I am now again quite confident that with 4.6 finally the Kontakt-Mail-Address book migration will be over and one can do the change.
Compliments to the developers.

BTW: atheros WIFI…no problem at all. Even the sound bar with the hardware sound regulation works flawlessly as on-screen display. Hilarious. Very nice edition. Will make a good ambassador for Linux.