Acer Aspire 1350 - Black screen !

Hello, I’ve installed Opensuse 11.1 on my Acer aspire 1350 where I already have windows XP on an 80 GB HD . The istallation gone without problems.
Now, when I turn on the laptop, a green screen apears with startup options:

  • Opensuse 11.1 -
  • Filesafe - Opensuse 11.1 -
  • Windows
    If I select the option No.1, the systen shows a black screen without allow me to use my ne installation.
    It doesn’t happen in case of point 2 or 3, which work wthout problems.
    Can someone help me with this issue?

might be some problem with graphic card.i faced the same problem with 10.3 on my desktop.i was not able to fix that though.

Did you use an other linux distribution then?
As I wrote, in Filesafe mode it works, then I’m trying to adjust Filesafe settings.
Do anyone know where I can find a documentation about that?

well i changed back to 10.2 for a while and then when 11.0 was out…i sarted using that.from then on i have been using it with out any problem.
well i have just seen it in another topic …try it…it may help.
try using the
" ide=nodma apm=off acpi=off noresume nosmp noapic maxcpus=0 edd=off " options with the normal boot process.try each at a time and see if they change the boot option by editing the menu.lst file in /boot/grub/ by adding the option to it.
see if it works and reply it back…

@gsk_308 is correct - you need one or more of the the kernel arguments in the Failsafe stanza to be added to the default boot selection. You can try adding them one at a time in the Boot Options line on the menu, then selecting the default. The likelihood is that it is either “acpi=off” or “edd=off” that you need.

i just saw that post but lost the link as it was in another tab.
anyway try starting with " edd=off "
just enter that during boot.if that works then add it in the boot.lst file as i said before.