Acer AO532h OpenSuSE 11.2 64bit

I bought my daughter a AOD250 which ended up being a 32bit machine which I loaded OS 11.2 32bit.

After that, on my dads suggestion, I bought my wife a Acer AO532h which ends up being a 64bit system. After 90 mins to 2 hrs of time (all of it on the wireless doing school work online), the system hangs. The network becomes unresponsive. And when I goto console, I see a error about reusing PID’s, and getting confused. I login the console as root and reboot, which ends up locking up during stopping of the wireless. Perform a Hard Shutdown, I can reboot and run for some time.

Any Idea’s?

I am running a Atheos NIC and Wireless card. 10/100 wired and B/G wireless.

I have an AR928X Wireless card. I rebooted the machine and jumped on the internet via wireless, I had 6 syslog messages pop up, one that spoke of /dev/pci/…/80211/…/phy0. And the system froze.

During shutdown (prior to hanging up shutting down wireless), the splash screen was missing. I saw the lizard, and the bar, but no image. I saw the console with the list of shutdown items which is how I knew the system hung on Wireless.

What info do you need to help?


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Try using the default-kernel or the pae-kernel, but not the
Desktop-kernel, I remember that kind of problems on laptops with this
kernel, but its only a tip, not a final solution

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You bring up a good point. I will try that tonight and post results as soon as possible.


I made the change to kernel-default, and testing now. Well see how much longer it stays stable.