acer 5320, opensuse 11.0, brightness

Here’s my problem: after suse boots up, LCD brightness is at the highest level. Function keys works great - i can decrease it, but after lock up screen, open movie at mplayer or open up the flap the highest brigtness comes back! The same situation is when kpowersave is enable or disable (in each profile of it i have “med” level). At opensuse 10.3 everything was fine (no problems with brightness :slight_smile: ). PS: My graphic card is Intel GM 965 (X3100) (acceleration works great, dri is enabled :slight_smile: ), Compiz 0.7.4-31.1, kernel-pae (in default installation in 11.0 is kernel-pae but in 10.3 is kernel-default. Why?. Maybe this is a problem). My laptop is ACER ASPIRE 5320