acer 4750G

this machine is a piece of pain since I brought it .

  • intel i7 2630qm
  • nvidia gt 540m optimus
  • usb 3
  • bluetooth 3

I install 3 os in it (winxp , win7 , opensuse 11.4 x64) .

after go through alot trouble installing winxp (no ndvidia driver , no bluetooth driver), I though nothing could be worst but i was wrong.

when I first time boot opensuse 11.4 installer cd a non graphic show up and hangs half way . I had to reboot few times then the graphic installer show up.

some how the installation go through smooth. but whenever I power ON my notebook and boot the opensuse 11.4 , some time half way hang . I had to boot to fail safe then restart and then I able to boot normal.

sometime fail safe unable to start kde, I have to manual startx .

the brightness control is useless .
I unable to find display driver on nvidia website .

what should I do now ?

If fail safe works, that suggests that the FBDEV video driver might be working better than the nouveau driver.

You could try the argument ‘nomodeset’ in grub, which will load the ‘nv’ driver. However that might be worse. :frowning:

Did you check to see if the proprietary nVidia video driver is compatible with your graphic hardware?

there is no nvidia gt 540M driver on nvidia website
here the screen shot

display info (with nomodeset)

display info (without nomodeset)

with nomodeset the screen unable to show 1366x768

weird , i don’t have these problem on winxp even though i only manage to install intel hd driver

after add "blacklist nouveau to 50-blacklist.conf " ,I solve the problem of hangs on boot.

I see on that support intel hd sandybridge chipset . how to I update the driver?

I have a Dell XPS l502X with a nvidia GT 540M and I get the exact same screen corruption in the menus as the screen capture above. Has anyone found a works arounds for this? I tried the tumbleweed which upgraded everything to the lastest release but that didn’t seem to solve the problem.

I’m still very upset that nvidia has abandoned support for all of its linux mobile graphics card users that have optimus (pretty much all mobile graphics card will have optimus) :frowning:
Having these drivers would remedy this issue right off the bat…

today after update the problem with corrupt menu is no more;)

KDE version : 4.6.2
I also did a zypper dup to Index of /repositories/X11:/XOrg/openSUSE_11.4