Account Deletion

openSUSE was not what I expected. If possible remove my acc, otherwise just let it rot and don;t bother me.

lol… hilarious… openSUSE didn’t meet his expectations = delete account immediately

What’s even more funny is the need to post that here in those words.

what I find even more hilarious is when people spend some time on forums asking questions about problems and then receiving the solutions and after some time, they have a disagreement with one of the mods (or regular user for that matter) then start a new thread asking to delete their account due to the hoopla… Errrr buddy, all these solution you got to your problems may very well be helpful for others too so if you made say 100 posts and we suddenly delete your account, on many boards (dunno about this one), it’ll also delete all replies you made.

A month ago was a dispute between neuron2 (hardline mod) and a user on forum - he wanted his account deleted due to the following. The guy started a whole thread about the closing of his previous one where he asked for help without realizing that in his original post, his file name of the video he’s having problems with had the exact same naming convention used by pirates illegally uploading copyrighted content to p2p sites. And not only that, but the rules of are very tough and clearly state that if you ask help about content you legally don’t own, you’ll receive none and thread will be closed immediately. If repeated, you get a strike. If three strikes within a month (or longer, can’t remember without looking up but am lazy now), you get a ban for longer period. When he started the complaining thread about mods closing his previous one, he was confronted with the very same issue; the naming convention of his video file which was something like: My.Best.Friends.Girl.x264.AC3.5.1.nosubs.NORDiC.avi. His pity explanation was that it somehow gives order to his massive collection which is on an external big HDD. When asked what the .NORDiC does in his file name, he didn’t answer to that at all, and thus got his complaining thread also closed and I believe he got a strike too but am not sure (I think he got the strike in his first thread)

  • I can understand, to a point, the frustration some people feel over certain things. But following forum rules should be easy and no surprise that you get kicked, booted or scolded in some way when you don’t follow them.

  • If someone doesn’t like an OS, like Suse, I am sorry to see them go. How ever when they word things a certain way, for drama and attention, then that just gets under my skin.

  • Finally. While P2P is not only used for illegal uploads and downloads, it is used for many legitimate reasons, and while I will never condone the use of P2P for anything illegal, what was this person you mentioned an idiot? I mean come one, at least rename the file, lol.

No wonder why so many people get dragged into court. (and again I am not and never will condone the use of any technology for illegal purposes. My words are only written this way to make a point, nothing more.)

Yes, but is one of the best video support sites on the Internet. Very technical and many knowledgeable people on there, including me, and most of the open source codecs, such as x264, Xvid, front-ends encoding GUIs like MeGUI, RipBot264, HDC, etc, get developed and tested there by regulars. So when a guy comes and (a) names his files using a convention used by many pirating groups, (b) does not explain at all in his original thread why he named it that way, (c) the rules deliberately state that no discussion and help is allowed for copyrighted content you obtained without a license (as is the case with illegal downloads), (d) his post was worded in a way that already gave away that the file was downloaded illegally (he didn’t even had to include the file name, just reading his post was enough to be very suspicious of it), (e) his explanation didn’t make much sense and (f) he insisted it wasn’t downloaded illegally, yet failed to explain in a believable way why it was named specifically like that, it is very reasonable to conclude that it wasn’t obtained legally. Yes, P2P is not only used for downloading copyrighted stuff illegally, but (a) is a video site and a lot of audio/video downloading goes from P2P sites and (b) no one downloads legally, say, a program about totally unrelated stuff like, say, databases and comes asking help for it on a video site specifically focused on video and audio problems and development :wink:

> What’s even more funny is the need to post that here in those words.

my mama used to say: It is better to let people think you are stupid
than to open your mouth and prove it.


openSUSE felt a bit slow for a live CD. So I prefer my others. However I still like to test time and again different distros.

On Tue, 18 Aug 2009 22:46:02 +0000, Frattimonde wrote:

> openSUSE felt a bit slow for a live CD. So I prefer my others. However I
> still like to test time and again different distros.

And for this you want to leave the community? Running from CD is
inherently a slow operation, best used for checking hardware
compatibility rather than doing significant work in.

I guess I just don’t understand.