Accidently Deleted My kernel

Well, I went to remove the PAE kernel yesterday in YAST and upon rebooting today I can only get to run level 3 due to Nvidia kernel support being unavaliable and my network manager etc will not load. How am I able to boot my default kernel from grub? I only have 2 options, both for the PAE kernel, Default and Failsafe.

Thanks for taking your time to correct my stupidity.


It’s a little unclear to me what you do or do not have. But from level3, you can login from the CLI with your username and password, then go su and password.
Now type:

It should launch a basic Yast which you can negotiate with the keyboard. If you don’t need PAE kernel delete it, but make sure kernel-default is installed and the correct nvidia packages to match the default kernel.

I guess you already booted your default kernel because the kernel is the first part that is loaded, the rest is loading services from runlevel 1 to 5.

Do as above, resinstall the default kernel and modules and restart the system.

If you boot into runlevel 3, you have a kernel.