accidentally installed windows suse to remove

Hello guys.

I downloaded suse 11.1 dvd which i want to install but things started in the wrong way.
when i had the dvd in the drive while on win xp it did autorun and prompted me to install hte windows suse installer.i though it was gonna let me choose a few pre install options and before rebooting and installing but its not exactly as i the end of that it promted me to reboot which i did, and now everytime i dont get my vista bootloader but i get grub booting me into the first pre installation screen.i have winxp and vista with vista bootloader running before and i would like to get rid of that suse installator and get things as they were before.i did try a number of solutions like fixmbr and fixboot from win XP cd but had no luck on fixing my MBR.can somebody please help?ill be grateful.

p.s my XP and vista partitions are on a raid 0 array.

thank you

This is interesting, the post by mingus725. Seems like your problem a bit:
Update from Suse 11.0 to 11.1 - Page 2 - openSUSE Forums

ok thank you for the reply.that post by mingus725 is really good but i still managed to do nothing at all.

i have to say i ve never been more frustrated and more desperate with bootloader and i have come across similar problems in the past…
my bootloader still kicks into suse installation screen even after following all 3 methods described on neosmart site.

i do have win xp on my c: and vista on d: partition.
does anyone have anything else to propose so as to get rid of (i think its grub) that starts the suse installation?
if i do reinstall winxp on my c: would that fix my mbr?
i have also tried fixmbr and bootcfg from my winxp cd and did nothing.
if you think u have something to propose please do.thanks

Looks like nobody else has suggestions yet. What a pity :frowning:

This is the situation:
windows xp originally wrote xp boot codes to the C: drive when it was installed. Then vista supplanted the codes on the C: drive with its own codes. There are no windows boot codes on the D: drive because vista likes to put them on the C: drive if xp pre-exists there.

So if you reinstall xp on C:, it will install OK but the access to vista will be wiped off the old C: drive. Then you would have either fix the vista bootloader or reinstall vista.

So the best option for you is to fix the vista bootloader and avoid the two re-installations of windows (xp and vista).

I suggest that you give the rebuilding of the vista bootloader another try.

You could try these options if you have a Vista DVD -> Reinstalling Vista Bootloader
Or Fixboot command needed. <- This one worked for me after removing Suse from a Vista dual boot laptop.

If you don’t I would suggest trying to install OpenSUSE. It should give you a bootmenu for at least XP. The Vista grub entry might need some tweaking but we can help you with that.

The bootmenu that comes in a fresh install of openSUSE would direct the booting to the first partition foran xp boot. But I’ve already explained that the bootloader on the xp partition is the old xp bootloader overwritten by the vista bootloader which was then broken by the openSUSE installer.

So nothing would change by installing openSUSE again because the problem is with the broken vista bootloader that sits on the xp partition. That situation is unaffected by installing openSUSE.

So there is no reason or improvement from re-installing openSUSE.

I’ve had an afterthought: you can reinstall xp as I said before and it will format and clean the mess off of the first partition. Then you could use the vista install disk to reinstall just the vista bootloader which should meld without fuss with the fresh xp bootloader on the first partition. That should work OK.

So Vista should be able to fix that right? The forum suggestions are there to rewrite the vista bootloader. In Vista you should be able to ad XP to it if it doesn’t do this automatically.

Vista should be able to fix it in two circumstances:
Case 1: If there’s a clean xp on sda1, vista should accept to do it automatically from the install dvd.
Case 2: If the old material & xp is left on sda1, vista will think there’s nothing wrong so it will not do it automatically from the install dvd. Vista could only fix if by rebuilding the bootloader as suggested by mingus725 in the linked reference given in post #2.

ok guys.i did a “repair installation” of windows xp on c: and did overwritten the MBR with the windows xp bootloader so yeah i can finally boot into xp again.more specifically the windows bootloader still has the open suse installation entry as a second option.i assume i can fix it and add vista in it although im not that fussed with vista…but hey.

Dexter1979:i had tried reinstalling and rewritting the vista bootloader manually using the vista revocery cd but it didnt prove to be successful apparently.quite weird.

at the end of the day,the opensuse windows installer should have been completely different.i mean that when u install it,as i did,it should add an entry that points on suse installation on windows bootloader or even replace the bootloader with grub but do keep the entries on there instead of deleting everything else and just keep itself.i think that would be really good instead of having the risk to go through all that.

maybe if i was doing a repair installation on vista it could still work but ok…didnt choose to try that.

anyway, thank you very much both for your kind replies i ve been grateful.

(p.s im sure i got one more question to ask about raid installation but that might end up a different topic.)

I don’t think I completely understood the question to begin with so sorry if any of my suggestions were wrong. I personally have had great success with a dualboot with both XP and Vista but not a tripleboot as was the case here.

In my experience the OpenSUSE installer does a great job with a dualboot and did not require any changes with XP on the same and on a seperate hard drive. I only had to change one thing for an installation with Vista on the same drive but this was to get hibernation back working in Vista.

Glad it worked out for you anyway.

well i had the impression that suse works good on dualboot too.i never went on to do the installation tho which might corrent iself in the end of it.i guess we ll never know.
anyway no hassle Dexter1979.
ill try & install opensuse tomorrow on a partition on my raid 0 and see how bootloader gets affected at the end of it…
thanks again.