Accidental Shutdown Production Server - Suse Linux Enterprise server for SAP Applications 15 SP1

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“I searched for this topic and posted the same query in SAP Support forum as well”

Our Customer using SAP S/4 HANA on AWS
Operating System - Suse Linux Enterprise server for Sap Applications - 15 SP 1 (Total of 16 VM’s)
We chose the BYOS version, where the premier support isn’t included,
it was all fine until customer faced an issue two months ago

Their Production Server has shut down automatically without any intimation, below is the log from AWS Console

“userAgent”: “aws-cli/1.18.117 Python/3.6.12 Linux/4.12.14-197.83-default
botocore/1.17.40” “userName”: “InstanceRole-HANA-DB-02”
Logs from OS with time stamp :
2022-02-23T12:13:48.984527+08:00 as4hana-hdp01 systemd-logind[3022]: Power key pressed.
2022-02-23T12:13:48.984753+08:00 as4hana-hdp01 systemd-logind[3022]: Powering Off…
2022-02-23T12:13:48.984875+08:00 as4hana-hdp01 systemd-logind[3022]: System is powering down.
[HR][/HR]When we reached AWS support, they directed us to SUSE to find the Root Cause Analysis and suggested to buy SUSE Premier Support
Is Premier support a mandatory to get this advanced support ?

Or is this something to do with SAP

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Thanks for your positive remarks, but you are at the wrong forums at all. These are the openSUSE forums. For the SLES/SLED forums, please go to

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This being a sub-forum of technical questions/problems, and this being no such question for openSUSE, it will be closed.