Accessing Window 7 Host files from Linux VM

Dear forum,

I have installed Oracle VM Virtualbox and the OpenSuse 12.1 64-bit image. OpenSuse works fine but I cannot see my windows folders or files. In the Oracle VM Virtualbox settings under shared folders I have my documents listed under my user account listed as shared. However, I cannot see this anywhere in my linux account.

Please can anyone help. If possible I would also like to see any linux files I create from the windows host too using explorer

Thank you


So I never found the folders to auto mount for me in openSUSE using VirtualBox. So, you must make them available in your VM configuration, but don’t check auto mount. Next, I would have a look at my blog on making the after.local bash script run as root in your VM copy of openSUSE. You can download an auto make bash script that takes care of the details to make your after.local file work for you, have a look here: systemd and using the after.local script in openSUSE 12.3 - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

Once you get the after.local file working, you can add something like this to the bash script as root:

if  ! -d /folder_mount_name ] ; then
  mkdir / folder_mount_name
mount -t vboxsf share_name /folder_mount_name -o defaults

You must use the share_name you gave it in your VM configuration for the share. folder_mount_name is where you want the share to exist in your openSUSE VM. If the folder named folder_mount_name does not exist, it will be created, for the first run through.

Once you have the share working, you can load up a copy of after.local that contains everything you want, but to get it started, you need to write down the instructions somewhere to get share number one working.

To edit systems file in openSUSE, have a look at this: SYSEdit - System File Editor - Version 1.50 - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

You can always visit my blog to get the after.local and SystEdit bash scripts working in the new openSUSE VM load and write down what you want your first share to be and load a copy of the after.local file with everything else you normally need to share. What ever you share in Windows, you must have full user rights to use and share else it will not go through VirtualBox to openSUSE.

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