Accessing panels in Gnome

Have been using Tumbleweed with plasma for a while and love it, but have just done a test install of Tumbleweed/Gnome.
How do I access a menu??
It appears that the menu only opens when in Activities view, in standard view, I can access all the open programs, but there is no menu for opening anything else?? Has the install not worked correctly?
No left/middle/right click to get to anywhere, nothing on the screen, can’t find anything relevant in settings, etc. Can’t find anything in tweaks.
I do quite like Gnome (have Ubuntu/Gnome installed elsewhere), but can’t figure this one out.

If you press the super key, that will give you a view like the activities pane. If you press it twice, you’ll see a list of application icons appear underneath it. You can also type something into the search bar when going to ‘activities’.

The dock also defaults to having an applications menu (I’ve turned it off on mine, but as I recall, it looks like a series of boxes) arranged in a grid) that you can click, as I recall.

Thanks for that, but…
Is there any way to access a menu in normal mode (with a mouse??)
Gnome in Ubuntu has an always accessible menu (that CAN be hidden, if desired…)
ie can I get more control over the configuration/layout/accessibility of the menus?


“Normal” for me is using the keyboard. :slight_smile:

You can install and use the ‘applications menu’ extension available from:

That adds an “Applications” menu up by the activities. I edit that menu with alacarte.

As I said as well, you can have an applications menu in the dock - you should see:


At the bottom of the dock and that will give you a screen you can navigate with a mouse to access applications.

The dock also lets you pin applications for easy access. I use the “Dash to Dock” extension to hide the dock when an app overlaps it, and that also lets it reappear when you move the mouse towards the edge of the screen it’s on.

@hornetster openSUSE follows upstream, so for additional tweaks look at the extensions, in your case Dash to Dock - GNOME Shell Extensions

What intrigues me is the apparent differences between Ubuntu defaults, and opensuse defaults…


@hornetster Probably a lot, for example sudo, not really differences, just how a distribution ships well their distribution?

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