Accessing NTFS partitions with 11.3

I have just managed to install OpenSuSE 11.3.

When I try to access a NTFS partition (holding my .MP3s) I get the error message

There is no application installed that can open files of the type block device (inode/blockdevice).

Do you want to install one?
Attempting to install one doesn’t seem to lead anywhere othe than the same sequence. I used to be able to read NTFS partitions with 11.2 - what has changed?

Any help gratefully received.

Incidentally, I have had a look at SDB:NTFS - openSUSE and have worked out that ntfs-3g has been implemented with 11.3 but I don’t understand why I can’t even “look at” my NTFS partitions? I only want to read, not to write.

I don’t believe that the partition is corrupt either.

Boot to MS-Windows and do a ‘chkdsk’ on that partition to confirm. How to perform disk error checking in Windows XP

Did you mount the partition 1st before reading it?.
Try the last part in the page you provided above ‘Manual mount’.

Also, is nfs client running?

 sudo /sbin/chkconfig  | grep nfs

should show:

nfs                  on
nfsserver            on

at least on 11.2

To be honest, the point I was getting at here is that a vanilla installation of 11.3 seems to behave differently from a vanilla 11.2 installation and I wondered why?

On the face of it, it seems to me that it would make sense for a vanilla installation to read NTFS partitions straight out of the box - I am undoubtedly misguided here and I just wondered what the reason was for the change.

. . . just a trip of discovery, no complaints . . .

It’s a bug. it does happen on every kind of file system. Look here:

and here:

openSUSE:Most annoying bugs 11.3 - openSUSE

I haven’t been able to find any workaround, exept building my own 11.3 in susestudio with kde 4.3, the same working in 11.2.