Accessing my hard drive

Hi all!

My laptop running 10.1/KDE3.5/XP died on me yesterday so I’m trying to recover some data from it.

I have removed the hard drive, and bought an adapter so it can plug into my desktop computer.

It all works fine, upto the point where I try to access the drive from Konqueror or Dolphin. In either case I get a message: auth_admin_keep_always ← (action, result)

when I try to access what I believe the drive to be.

Looks like a user access/security problem to me.

Any ideas how I can fix it an access my drive?

ps. Wasn’t too sure where to put this topic, so please feel free to move it if it’s in the wrong place

Cheers peeps!


Hi there.
A crashed hard drive is pretty nasty. I’m sorry. One thing I can strongly recommend you to try is to hook your drive onto your new system and install TestDisc. It is the most powerful tool I know of - and if you use it properly, you should get your data back.
** Important: **get yourself another drive (preferably exactly the same with exact the same size) to WRITE data onto. What you will do FIRST is to make a 1 to 1 copy of your crashed drive using TestDisc. And please: ONLY (!) work on the copy you’ve made.

Good luck. May the force be with you. :wink:


Well, I tried Dolphin in SuperUser mode, and that did the trick.

It wouldn’t copy the files to a non superuser session tho, so I used the split feature to drag them across from the old laptop drive, to my Documents folder on my Desktop machine, from withing the same window. Nice feature that Split thing. I like it, even if it is a little clunky imho


Oh no, sorry, it wasn’t the drive that died, but the laptop itself. Sorry for the confusion.

I was just taking the drive from the broken laptop and adding it to my desktop machine.

I actually bought a program a few years ago, think it was called ‘Get Data Back’ and it took 2 days, but managed to recover most of the data from my knackered drive.


Thats what i call a happy end. :slight_smile:
As far as I am concerned: I am living in a FREE world. So why would I need to BUY software? Open Source is way better.

Have a great weekend, dude.



Cut me some slack!

It was a few years ago now and I was young(er) and more naive!

Had do do something quick - had all the holiday snaps from Florida on that drive, and if I’d lost 'em I would have been in right trouble with the missus! That was the software I found after a quick Google at the time.

Have seen, and am basking in the light now tho!