accessing external files in 64 bit 11.2

I have installed the 64 bit version of 11.2 and now cannot access external hard drives or flash drives.

When I plug in a flash drive, the recently mounted devices icon recognizes it, but when I try to access it in Dolphin I get an error that says unknown file system vfat.

When I plug in an external hard drive (with my backup files from 32 bit 11.1), Dolphin says I have to access as root. When I do, I get an error message that is incomplete.

Another external hard drive, in ntfs format, also requires root privileges, but then I get a message that says an error was encountered mounting ext2.

However, the system is dual boot and I have no trouble accessing the Windows partition.

Anybody got any ideas?

Please show us the output of /etc/fstab.

Have you attempted to mount the devices manually? What does your system say the devices are when plugged in? Su to root and:

fdisk -l

Since you’re an old timer to the list, what version were you using previously and did it exhibit the same problem?

The flash drive is properly identified as “Corsair.”

I have not tried to do a manual mount, nor the fdisk. Since I don’t normally use the command line (yes, I know, I’m getting graphically oriented like everyone else in my old age), I’ll have to try those steps.