access web files in opensuse using server name

hi! have something need help from u all.
i have install a wiki in opensuse and i can access the wiki at another windows xp computer by type opensuse computer ip address.
when i using opensuse computer, i can type opensuse server name/hostname in browser to access my wiki.
my question is…
how to make the windows xp computer or computer in the same network access to the wiki by type opensuse computer servername?

hope anyone can answer…


if you have a DNS server setup then you need to create an A record for the the opensuse server. This will map the ipaddress to the server name.

Failing that just add an entry to the hosts file on the XP machine.

I think its in “c\windows\system32\drivers\etc”

Open hosts with notepad or similar and add an entry:

servername ipaddress


then save and close file. You will now be able to resolve the name to ip locally.