Access point: Not-associated


I am having a problem whit my internet connection on suse 11.1. On suse 11.0 my network was up and running in no time. I did the same configuration and it faled to connect. Access point: Not-associated is the only thing thats wrong. All settings are correct. My network is secured whit mac addresses, so the only thing I need to configure is DHCP and put WEP/WPA off. This makes it (normally) easy to access my network for those who are allowed.
I find all the networks, including mine, but i cant connect to it! when i use network manager it finds my network, but when i connect it says “configuring” and in the end it doesn’t connect. what could be the problem?
I checked out all the info on this forum.

The info from the console, the wireless network card is working fine… it only says: >Access point: Not-associated<

when I installed suse 11 again my network worked perfect from the beginning… This means that my rooter is configured correct.

Can someone help me?

Check in yast network settings that control is set to be managed by networkmanager.

Access control is good, I use it too, but I would still advise WPA too.

Double check and Double check again all settings.

make sure your MAC address is added to the router as well