Access KDE desktop remotely over LAN

I have a server setup with a clean install of 11.1. This runs headless and when there is no monitor attached boots to a terminal login prompt.

What I’m trying to do is open the KDE interface using VNCViewer on my Vista desktop. The two machines are connected to my LAN via a router. On the server I have enabled remote login and disabled the firewall.

If I try and log onto the server using VNCViewer and the display number ( ) I see the login screen fine. When I login a user ( the only user ) I see the “loading bar” but once that gets to 100% the connection gets closed by the server.

I have enabled the desktop to be accessed remotely but I guess I’ve missed a setting.

You might want to try NX from

It’s free and uses ssh so all you need to do is open the port on the
server via YaST for ssh server, load the windows client, install the
rpms on the openSUSE machine and your done.

The just run the wizard to connect from the windows client.

There is FreeNX as well, but never had much joy with it.

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Well that was a whole lot easier than the way I was trying ! Thanks for the links.