access and use a remote computer

I would access a remote computer, see its screen and use it as if it were in front of it.
It is possible?
I do not want to use TeamViewer.
Can anyone teach me how to do this?

Are you implicating that both systems are running Leap 15.0?

VNC would be a native linux solution, but like Henk says, it’s important to know from which OS to which ( other ) OS.

Yes I have machines using Leap 15.0
But there are also others with 43.2
If it works with the Leap15 is already a good start

I’ve tried VNC but the instructions are somewhat confusing. Often, they do not explain whether they are talking about the server or the client

Did you read the openSUSE guide?

I tried to make the server work …
With the instructions below I found in YAst

4.4.2 VNC Session Initiated Using vncmanager +&"]Report Bug](Log in to Bugzilla[doc) #

Procedure 4.3: Enabling Persistent VNC Sessions +&"]Report Bug](Log in to Bugzilla[doc) #

  •    Start YaST › Network       Services › Remote Administration (VNC). 
  •    Activate Allow Remote Administration With Session       Management. 
  •    Activate Enable access using a web browser if you plan       to access the VNC session in a Web browser window. 
  •    If necessary, also check Open Port in Firewall (for       example, when your network interface is configured to be in the External       Zone). If you have more than one network interface, restrict opening the       firewall ports to a specific interface via Firewall       Details. 

… When I click on “Next” everything is closed and open a black screen offering to login and password.

I can not follow these instructions … impossible for a layman as I take advantage …
I need a step by step…

Important info required:
Which Desktop (I am guessing KDE, but that is just a guess) on the machines?

Which Display Manager (again, I am guessing SDDM, but again, that is just a guess) on the machines?

Leaving us guessing makes it difficult for us to assist you.

But, try this in a terminal, if using KDE and SDDM:

su -
update-alternatives --config default-displaymanager

Change to LightDM, reboot, then try again.

If I may attach myself to this thread…

I’ve used the same manual linked to before to set VNC remote access up, with session management, it works mostly, except the part with “vncmanager-controller” to set some session parameters (shared / visible / password …) for persistent sessions.

xxx@linux-ydx2:~> vncmanager-controller 
VNC not managed by vncmanager, quitting.

I use Leap 15 + xfce4 + lightdm. It’s a VM with NAT + port-forwarding, no firewall.

It works beautifully when using gnome instead of xfce4! Nothing else changed. Trying KDE now.

Works great with plasma5 as well!