Acces Point with rt73usb device

Hi All! I have a problem setting up workstation with usb stick as router for laptop. Here is what I have:
OpenSUSE 11.1 (with latest kernel update), laptop with the same OpenSUSE configuration, USB wifi stick, if OpenSUSE’s autodetector is right - rt73usb driver suits it.

When i tried to use iwconfig to set master mode - i got error (something with unknown parameter), while other mods works well. Next, I read some thread on this forum that people are using hostapd to set it up, but hostapd is giving error too.

It appears to me that device works well, but can’t work in AP mode (while it can under M$ OS). Suggest me please what should I do and how can I set it up. May be ndiswrapper will do the job better than rt73usb?..