abstract/generic "Year of desktop Linux" story responses.

“This is the year of the Linux desktop!”

Re: “Why? you haven’t changed anything since last time”

Re: Re: “Because it’s better, now use it.”

Re: Re: Re: “I think there were some dictators like that…”

“Complaint x about Linux”

Re: “Mundane technical detail average user doesn’t care about and never will”

“Linux people won’t take criticism”

Re: “We take criticism from people that review our patches and all the way up to Torvalds maybe”

Re: Re: “And the commoner’s criticism goes where?”

“If you did thing “y” Linux would be more popular”

Re: “If thing “y” were popular we would do it.”

No problems here;)

Who gives a dang about YoDL? Every day here is a Linux day for me. lol!

I spotted this thread as well;

Why I think Linux will fail on the desktop - Ubuntu Forums

I have to ask, in all sincerity: why are you doing this? I’m not spoiling for a fight - I’m genuinely curious. Are you a disgruntled linux user who wants change because that’s what you imagine will bring success, or… do you just like starting arguments? :wink:

I really don’t care if Linux takes over the world or not any more. I’m happy using it and that is all I need. If someone doesn’t want to use it that’s fine. Choices are good. If it doesn’t suit your needs, run something that does. Then we can all be happy.

I’m so tired of the Year of Desktop Linux stories. I could care less if it ever won the desktop. I just want it to be true to it’s ideals so that other people that feel the same way about things will choose to use it. Let Windows have the desktop and all the problems that come with it.

Linux is already on my desktop for years