absolute minimum hardware for router/firewall?

I’ve currently got a box running Win2k3 server that’s serving as my router/firewall. It’s been there a while, and the whole reason I even used Windows was that there were some initial issues with getting my Novatel u727 to work properly with Smoothwall a few years back (I can’t get cable or DSL at my house so I have to use an EVDO modem). Now I really want to do it right and dump Windows Server (the last install of windows in the house). I’d like to use OpenSUSE as the OS for the Router, but I’m not sure if it meets the minimum hardware requirements. It’s a P3 750 w/ 256MB of ram. I won’t be running any gui - everything will be managed over SSH. The reason I’m looking at SUSE is because I’m really familiar with it and really like YAST. I’m not looking forward to having to try and re-hack Smoothwall or one of the other Firewall distros just to get it to see my USB EVDO card.

You see people talking about using really old machines and silly bits of ram for these.

Having not done a minimal install on Suse for a while can’t really comment but last time I looked it gave me an X server even though I had no use for it, you may find more specific distros better for the task.

As for setting up the USB EVDO card looks relatively easy regardless of distro, doubt there is a distro without the usbserial module.

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Also got a what looks like a generic script here that may work regardless of distro, http://www.evdoforums.com/thread7379.html

thats great - thanks, I hadn’t seen those particular docs.

I guess I’ll just give Smoothwall another shot to see how that works for me. I must have been missing something obvious last time, because those instructions look pretty straight forward.