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Hello there…

I am happy with my installation of Tumbleweed, running it now for few weeks without much issues.
However, I just don’t understand how updates works.

I never received notification for update, so I launch the Yast Software update, and no update available.
I launch the Gnome Software update app, and tons of update.

Am I missing something?

And being a rolling distro, should I update or upgrade? I would be happy to get the Zypper command line to make sure my system is at least updated correctly.
Last thing is about Flatpak… I think they update separately, correct?


I use (as user “root” in a terminal)

zypper dist-upgrade

to update my openSUSE Tumbleweed system.

The availability of new snapshots is announced here in the forum.

For more information on openSUSE Tumbleweed see here.

YOU only checks new available patches. There are no patches for Tumbleweed, only newer package versions.

GNOME Software by default checks for updates on login (and periodically) and displays notifications.

You should use zypper dup if you are using zypper. GNOME Software will implicitly use the equivalent of zypper dup (but without interactive problem resolution possibility).

Some reading…

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If you have set up your sudo permission correctly, run sudo zypper dup to update your system.

flatpak itself is updated through zypper, but the applications installed by flatpak are updated separately, through flatpak update command