About Those 882 Novell Patents: This is Where OIN Comes In

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Groklaw - About Those 882 Novell Patents: This is Where OIN Comes In

Whomever wrote that post on groklaw failed to cite any solid source, it is all speculation.
Suse is not Redhat and Redhat is not being sold to Attachmate. So I am not sure I follow the logic that if Novell-Suse is sold, then somehow all linux users might have to pay to Microsoft?? Last I checked, Linux is not Unix, specifically which parts of any community based linux, opensuse, ubuntu or fedora is in anyway threatened by this Novell-Attachmate-OIN deal??

Lots of anonymous entries with even more FUD. To take the lead from story and comments we would have to concede that if we make a child’s bed that looks like a Toyota or VW or something, and the said model gets recalled for defective airbags, the look-alike bed would also need recalling. I think Linux users are little brighter than that. Point is there are far too many miss-points being made without facts or reference.

There is reason to be leery of this deal. Microsoft’s lawyers are as busy as their developers, and they will use their arsenal at any opportunity. They don’t take the high road when it comes to patents. With the volume of the deal there’s a slight chance that some will carry over to Linux, even if unlikely.

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We can still use the GNU Hurd kernel anyway :wink:


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