About the version of XML parser

while I visit some sits,The firfox tell me the version of my XML parser is too low,and then the page cannot display normal as in windowsXP.:frowning:

anyone can help me? thanks very much!!

What sites are giving you issues?
Just keep in mind some sites dont like linux too much so you might need a browser spoofing.

thanks very much!
I had ever visited it in redhat linux,also it gave me the same issues,and I resolved it Successfully. But now,I have forgot how to Upgrade the version of XML parserใ€‚

Well like I said it will help if we knew what sites you have issues with.
In the meantime you can cheat some sites with user agent switcher for firefox:

If you need to its possible to install IE7 too

like this site:

when i visit it,it will tell me :the version of your XML Parser is too low,you need to upgrade it.
and there is only one โ€œOKโ€ can be selected,after I clicke โ€œOKโ€,the page will display garbled