about RC2 -> GM

I want to install KDE Live CD 11.2 RC2 (downloading torrent openSUSE-KDE4-LiveCD-Build0339-i686-iso) but question is if it’s safe and if i will be able to smoothly update to final release.

Do you have any info, suggestions or tips for me what is not finished in RC2 or what to expect? Or should i better wait one more week. Are 11.2 repositories ready, is everything in place, like branding, all default repos or release notes etc… or it’s good only for testing with some annoying issues waiting to be solved…


Your questions require a kind of double answer:

11.2 RC2 to me, and a lot of others is stable and finished. Yet it is stated very clear that RC2 still is for testing purposes. I.e. if you install you’re pretty much on your own (apart from the support we can give you in the forum).

On the other hand: there are many experienced users that suggest to wait for at least a couple of weeks after release date, so that post release fixes etc are available, repos for 11.2 have been filled etc.

Will it safely update? I would think so, cannot test.

Some other thoughts/questions:
Check whether 32/64 bit?
Is this your first linux install?