About Lenovo ThinkPad e550 laptop - hybrid system support by openSUSE

Hi. I’m thinking to move from Fedora 24 to openSUSE.

I have Lenovo ThinkPad e550 with*** Intel core i7 5500 CPU @ 2.40 GH X 2, RAM = 8 GB, HHD = 1 TB, Hybrid VGA (Intel Corporation HD Graphic 5500 + Radeon R7 M265 2GB)***

The problem is with my dedicated VGA Radeon R7 M265 2GB.

On Fedora it is not recognized.

There are 2 available drivers: closed source from AMD (not working on Fedora but working with SUSE), & open source driver (amdgpu).

I do not like closed source driver. I need open source driver.

I know the following: currently support of Linux kernel for amdgpu driver is existing, but disabled by default. It need customized kernel compiled by user herself/himself.

Compiling custom kernel is far beyond my abilities, so I’m waiting for enabling this support by default in Linux kernel …

I know - correct to me if wrong - that Linux Kernel 4.13.x will enable support for amdgpu by default.

My question is that:

  1. openSUSE 42.3 will come with which kernel version ? Do it will come with 4.13 or not ? If not so what version of kernel will come with ?

  2. in general, does openSUSE offers special support for Hybrid system like my laptop ? Fedora 25 + offering such support, so what about openSUSE ?


To 1st point

It saying that it’s default kernel is 4.4.x. This mean that I need to wait for openSUSE 43 or even 44 before being able to use amdgpu open source driver ! Otherwise, I have either to forget my dedicated VGA or install official AMD closed source driver.

There’s also Tumbleweed, which does have a much newer kernel ( generally the latest stable kernel ).