about internet session expire

Sir I am from India and I am using hathway broadband internet connection. The internet works for upto 8 hours perfectly and after that internet stops working. When I open the browser it asks for username and password when I provide the above it shows activating your internet services. I want to download some of the large files so I prefer to keep download at night times and due to above the download fails.

Is there any software in Linux to automatically sign into my internet account and make the internet available to applications like firefox all the times.


Any link where we can see how the service should be configured? If we know we could determine whether the Networkmanager could solve this for you. We need some info from you though:
openSUSE version
desktop used (KDE, GNOME)

Mostly I use gnome and rarely kde and I am requesting which is better for this issue.

when I browse for Google.com I am redirected to the link below.

Since the Raspberry Pi runs linux, here’s a page that describes how to autologin on hathway broadband. You’d have to adjust the scripts to your situation, i.e. username, password etc., but it should work.

Sir kindly explain in detail. where is the page you suggested I mean post the link.