about install opensuse

first, i install the opensuse, when i don’t set acpi=off, i can’t boot into the interface and install. after installing opensuse, i also need a parameter acpi=off to go into opensuse, ok?

second, i can’t scaling my cpu speed. my cpu is amd turion 64x2, i try to modprobe powernow-k8, but show message no such device. i install a gnome version of opensuse using live cd.

and… need to install nvidia? my laptop dv6445us. amd turion 64x2, 2gb ram, 6150 geforce. 160gb hdd.

Hello, my name is Antonio I am Italian, I’m new to the forum which is using opensuse, so I immediately issue a fresh cool for you, I hope it is not disturbing …
I do not work sudo apt-get install command not found answer me, why?

apt-get install for debian based linus distro like ubuntu, debian?

Under openSUSE you would use zypper install or zypper in , either with sudo (if you’re member of the sudoers) or better with su -c or after opening a root (login) shell with su -l

Instead of booting with acpi=off, try nomodeset instead.