about download speed

hi all,

my question is, why when I for example load vlc, for instance, in
ubuntu it takes 30 seconds and in opensuse 30 minutes I have the
opensuse videolan repository enabled, the rest is just as slow, what am
I doing wrong, can anybody please advise me

the repositories are enabled
I have unchecked: Enable IPv6, then

downloaded Opera (6,79mb), with yast2, this took 22 minutes, I have a
4mb adsl line

the speed test results are (in ubuntu)
download 3561 kb/s and upload 405 kb/s

thank you


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Opensuse version? Gnome, KDE3, KDE4?

Are all repositories updating? How many repositories you have added in
total? No repeats?

Also try using a network traffic monitor (knetstats for kde works fine
for me) and see if it the connection is consistently slow or not,
something else is eating your band.


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