About Dosbox

When I did installed the dosbox, I can’t open. Why?

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You should be a bit more explanatory. Assuming you installed the dosbox packet from the standard repo (with zypper or YaST), what did you do to “open it”.

We can not look over your shoulder to see what you do and what you get, thus we need precise and exact reporting.

 > rpm -ql dosbox 
 > l /usr/bin/dosbox
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 2916904  6. Mär 2021  /usr/bin/dosbox*

Usually, everything in ‘/usr/bin/’ is accessible for everyone – in contrast to everything in “/usr/sbin/” only administrators can access and/or execute ] …
Which begs 2 questions –

  • Are you quite sure that, you obtained the “dosbox
    ” package from the openSUSE repositories? - Are you quite sure that, ‘/usr/bin’ is included in your “PATH
    ” environment variable?

 > which -a dosbox
 > echo $PATH