about 2.6.30-4.2 kernel question ?

Hi ,

I upgrade the kernel package from build-server to 2.6.30-4.2.

Figaro-NB:~ # rpm -qa | grep kernel

I need the 2.6.30-4.1 version kernel-source and linux-kernel-headers package, would you please kindly provide these two packages for me?

thanks help.

I would be grateful, too if someone post here links to that headers and sources, or at least info how to install Nvidia drivers on this milestone.

How and why did you update?

I installed it from DVD(x86) and I can’t find these versions of headers and sources anywhere.:\

DVD does not contain these versions. Are you trying the 11.2 milestone version?

Yes, I’m using openSUSE 11.2 Milestone 2. Maybe these versions are somewhere on the net?

Please be aware that milestone versions are still not suitable for production use. They are only for testing and reporting back bugs if any.
You may have to try out the stable 11.1 version.

By the by, all relevant packages for the milestone versions are available in that DVD itself. If you don’t see something there, it may not have been packaged yet.

From bug #508102 on bugzilla, there is this comment:

linux-kernel-header is the wrong package for this, the needed headers are in the kernel-<FLAVOUR>-devel package in latest 11.2

Does anyone know what this means? I have both linux-kernel-headers and kernel-default-devel installed in Milestone 2 and I can’t build the nvidia module.

Go to Yast and install “kernel-syms”. All the needed devel packages will be installed and Nvidia module compiled.:wink:

Headers don’t necessarily change between versions hence you should not blindly look at the minor numbers, only the major ones matter.

And if you want to benefit from other people’s good work, then rebuild one of the src.rpms from jengelh which can be found here

Index of /pub/linux/misc/suser-jengelh/SRPMS-11.1

which is always better than fiddling around with the NVidia-installer and installing software on your machine circumventing the package managment.

Why are all you people messing around with development versions? If you want functionality, check stable versions. It’s been stated again and again, if you go for Factory / UNSTABLE / Alpha etc. you’re on your own. What you’re asking the programmers is to put extra bricks in a road they have already left.

Not sure what the point of this post is. This thread is about testing pre-release and beta versions like Milestone 2 and helping the developers by sending bug reports.