Abit of Help needed

Hey guys

Quick note: im a newbie, but i want linux, so i beg for someone to help me with these situations. i know linux isnt perfect yet, but if i can just fix these phew problems, i will gladly switch over, so please feel free to treat me like a newb and give me stuff to copy and paste to the terminal to make it easy for me to understand

ok prewarning, this will be abit of a read haha.

Ok my little story - i started linux with freespire years ago, it was my first distro, after a while of using it, i found i couldnt keep both freespire and windows because i kept running out of space, and i didnt have a job, so i couldnt afford a new hd, so after a long break from linux, im back,

and frankly, i adore linux so much ,its nice, smooth and so much fun to use. but i always run into problems, but thats the joy is fixing them

Using ubuntu, i got pretty far, i had a long running problem getting League of Legends to run properly, finally i managed to compile wine with a bug patch and fixed the problem after 2 weeks of research

Then a problem became graphics, even after installing the latest ATi drivers by compiling distro specific packages, i was coping 30-10 fps in League of legends under wine, using an ATi graphics card and drivers, whilst in windows 7, i get 200 solid fps in this specific game

Now i know wine isnt perfect, and 3d acceleration isnt great, but ive seen plenty of youtube videos of my graphics card running 3d games just fine, and the only reply i got on the forums was “get a geforce” now that isnt a solution to my problem, i dont have 200$ to pull out and buy a new card

I tried fedora, i couldnt even figure out this rpmfusion stuff and how to add ati drivers and x.org

so i cant figure out what im doing wrong, then i saw openSUSE, and i have to say, im loving suse

no distro has had out of the box support like this, all my stuff worked, 3d acceleration already installed. its amazing, i am gobsmacked by opensuse’s simplicity, control panels, and everything been so useful

Who ever said opensuse isnt a desktop distro, is full of themselves

My hardware - make it easier for u guys to answer the questions

ASUS M4A87TD/USB3 motherboard
AMD Phenom 2 955 CPU
4GB G.Skill Ripjaw Ram DDR3
500GB WD Blue HD

So now my questions are

Is there any fix via suse for my graphics driver issue?
are the included graphics drivers decent for 3D gaming and wine gaming?
How do i remove the included drivers and install new ones if i take that path?

And last but not least, is 11.4 the latest KDE 4.6, because ive seen videos of kde 4.6 reviews and that little desktop folder isnt on the desktop anymore, and theres that notebook stuff, and id really like to try those versions

ive heard alot of good stuff about kde 4.6

if theres an update, or a way to install that, how do i go about that?

i apologise for the long post, and asking so many questions, ive been unable to get a solid answer suited for a linux newbie anywhere, and i want to be as specific as i can so u guys can help me out

i really want to switch to linux, im tired of windows, i want a new experience, but until i get these problems solved, i have to dual boot windows, and frankly, windows has been annoying me the past phew months after using linux and its simplicity


Hello and welcome to our community. As I read your history with linux is full.
Anyway let’s see your question one by one.

Read this SDB:ATI drivers - openSUSE

Look I want to help you about gaming but Linux is not for gaming. Some games you can run through wine but not all of them.

i do realise linux isnt for gaming, and now that i only play 1 game on a regular basis, and do more office work since i got a very full on job, i just want this one game to work

and i understand league of legends isnt fully supported by wine yet, and theres problems, but i know that some people have got it working perfectly smooth under multiple different linux distros with ATi, and Geforce cards

so like, “get a geforce” or “just apply this patch ( no link or guide included )” which is what i get on the ubuntu forums, because unless ur on about iptables nobody is helpful isnt a solid answer

i know this game can have tweaks and patchs to be made to run smooth and, i might be doing something wrong with graphics drivers, a phew people said ATi drivers are bad these days, and to get x.org drivers, i have no idea what that is and i cant find a simplised guide

for example, that link you gave me said the current drivers 11.2 dont work with the Kernel 2.6.38. now, that could have been my problem all along, i wonder what kernal ubuntu uses, and opensuse, because i have no idea

nankura wrote:

> for example, that link you gave me said the current drivers 11.2 dont
> work with the Kernel 2.6.38. now, that could have been my problem all
> along, i wonder what kernal ubuntu uses, and opensuse, because i have no
> idea
To see what kernel you are using open a terminal and type

uname -a

PC: oS 11.3 64 bit | Intel Core2 Quad Q8300@2.50GHz | KDE 4.6.1 | GeForce
9600 GT | 4GB Ram
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