ABI compatibilty between sles and opensuse


Is OpenSUSE 13 ABI compatible with SLES12?

We have openSUSE 13.1 and 13.2. Which one you are talking about?
I do not know much about SLES 12, after all this is the openSUSE forum, but nevertheless a few people here might.
“Compatible” is a far reaching and at the same time nothing saying word. Compatible in what way?

At least it’s not guaranteed.

Depending on what specific ABI you are talking about, it might be, or not.

openSUSE is (should be) LSB compliant though.

On 2016-01-21, wolfi323 <wolfi323@no-mx.forums.microfocus.com> wrote:
> openSUSE is (should be) LSB compliant though.

By default openSUSE isn’t LSB compliant, but is fully compliant after `zypper in lsb’ (or lsb5 maybe) in my experience.

Yes, the point of this package is to require everything that’s needed for LSB compliance.

IIRC it was installed by default in earlier versions, but I’m not sure which one was the last.
I think (but might be wrong) this has been changed in 13.1, I have it installed here (on 13.2) without doing so manually, but that system is upgraded since 8.1.

If you install an .rpm package that needs LSB compliance, it will require (and pull in) lsb and all other necessary packages automatically though (unless the dependencies are not correctly specified in the package).