abbreviation of short names in login screen only with nvidia drivers

on my opensuse 12.3 with nouveau drivers my login screen appear in this way:
and with nvidia drivers in this way:
as you can see in the login with nvidia picture the first user is"I…" an should be “Io” as in the login with nouveau picture, it is enough short and should not be abbreviated.
and furthermore the resolution do not seem the same (1920x1080) or at least the font dimentions seems different…
why this??? how can I have my first user not abbreviated?? may be a bug???
thanx, ciao, pier :slight_smile:

You can use my grub2cmd bash script to change the default resolutions and I even have an example in one of the blog comments: GNU Grub2 Command Listing Helper with --help & Input - Blogs - openSUSE Forums , since this only affects the login, I am not sure I would lose a lot of sleep over the issue, but it is OK to try and get it fixed.

Thank You,

On 04/10/2013 09:46 PM, pier andreit wrote:
> why this??? how can I have my first user not abbreviated?? may be a
> bug???

i can’t answer any of those, but maybe you can answer mine: Why is
Root shown on your login screen? (i ask, because it should not be!!)


It should be my setting… when I don’t remember kdesu systemsettings command.:)sometimes I login as root graphically to set some color in order to distinguish when I am user and when I am superuser…:-):-):-):slight_smile:

Thanks Daniel, but, why grub???, my pictures referes to kde login … not grub login…, but I was doing another question about why resolution was poor in grub so I will test your Grub2cmd …:-):-):-):-):-):slight_smile:

For the nvidia driver you should be able to set the system’s screen resolution (which the login screen uses) with nvidia-settings