Hi, I was running Leap 42.3 on my Raspberry Pi 3B. Replaced it with a Raspberry 3 Plus and can no longer boot. Looked at Leap 15 but I see there is no aarch64 distro. Is there going to be one? How can I help?


I’ve been waiting for aarch64 Leap 15, too: your note is helpful in confirming that I haven’t missed it. The following won’t solve your (our) problem, but I’ve got a little more information.

I’ve been running both openSUSE aarch64 Leap 42.3 and aarch64 Tumbleweed on a Pi 3B. I received my 3B+ yesterday and started testing with the µSD cards with my working openSUSE distros today. (I tested with Raspbian and used it to enable USB booting: my 3B+ boots Raspbian just fine.)

I started testing by updating openSUSE on both µSD’s to whatever is current (4.4.132-53 on Leap 42.3; 4.16.6-1 on TW).

When I try to boot with Leap, it shows no signs of life (except the blinking red light; I haven’t checked, but I think the pattern says it can’t find a compatible boot file).

However, Tumbleweed does boot (I have it set to boot to a command line). I can log in and execute various commands. But if I try anything that touches the network, it freezes. The router hasn’t handed out a DHCP address for either ETH0 or WLAN0, so it seems that TW doesn’t yet know about the network hardware on the 3B+. Not a surprise: just a confirmation. Additionally:

  • TW seems to have recognized all 4 cores.
  • TW boots from a USB-attached drive just fine (but afterward has the same problems as the 3B+ has booting from the µSD).
  • I run XFCE: booting to the CLI and then trying to start a GUI interface brings up the outline of a standard XFCE screen, but no icons; the system is frozen at that point
  • If I boot and leave it in CLI mode, the load gradually increases to 10+, but “top” shows nothing in particular is running and chewing up CPU time.

So a couple of take-aways (I hope):

  • Work is being done, at least in TW, to accommodate the 3B+, so there’s hope that work will eventually migrate to Leap (and Leap 15).
  • It’s not worth the effort to move from Leap to TW for the 3B+: while it’s close (and seems stable at this point), TW on the RPi-3B+ is not fully functional yet.

I’ll follow up later if subsequent updates address any of the problems with TW. But I’d also be interested if you learn anything more about Leap 15/aarch64/Pi3B+ support.


found and image here http://download.opensuse.org/ports/aarch64/distribution/leap/15.0/appliances/

Thanks, Ray! I hadn’t checked there in a couple of days and was just getting ready to go there! Downloading now.