A very different problem in Booting..Help Needed Urgent.

Frns i am a newbie to OpenSUSE Linux…I have Vista installed (DELL OEM) already…
To install Linux i followed the steps as told by my frns.

  1. I booted Vista,inserted the OpenSUSE dvd and did the Local Installation so as to create a boot entry for Local installation.
  2. When i rebooted , it directly booted into Local Installation entry in boot entry and did not give me an option to choose Vista.or never showed that screen.
  3. Then i installed OpenSUSE with no other choice.Now i have the Linux GRUB Loader with four entries…–>OpenSUSE,OpenSUSE XEN,OpenSUSE Failsafe and Windows…
  4. The first 3 options are working fine.When i click Windows it directly enters Local Installation again.

What can i do now? Please help me out frns…

I don’t think your frns gave you very good advice. You do have a very different problem. I never saw it posted before. You might get some help following these instructions on swerdna’s page.

For future reference, you might have a trouble free Vista dual boot by:

  1. Defrag the hard drive
  2. Shrink the Vista partition using the tool that is part of Vista
  3. Use the DVD to install and when it gets to the screen about installing GRUB, uncheck the box that says a suse partition and check the box that says MBR.

I am assuming, since you didn’t say, that you have both opensuse and Vista on the same drive. With 2 separate drives, things are different. Swerdna explains it all, with examples.