A/V Codec installation w/o Internet Connection

Im once again having to turn to the forums for some help, hopefully someone can provide it. I have opensuse 11 and have been trying to get various codecs/players and have gotten nowhere. My first issue is i am in Iraq so i cannot hook my linux comp upto the internet for a one click or a yast install. Also the only files i can download are .rpm …i tried compiling a fresh mplayer install but that didnt work…so mu question is, are there any .rpm files(not hosted by a .com website) that would give me all of the A/V codecs? Thank you for any reasponses!

doctorjohn2 created a good package:
OpenSuSE 11.0 - install multimedia without internet

But you will need to go to an internet cafe, and download the packages to a USB stick, for later install on your PC.

Thank you for the quick response, thats what i love about opensuse and its people! I will download those links tonight when i get back to work and will post how it goes

Hi. Try this RPM Search. Keep in mind that you cold have dependencies issues, but i always solved them relinking some libraries. This the way i built my personal repo. Bcrisciotti

OK, thank you for the help, i went to our Inet cafe and started downloading that june2008.zip that was in the other post, well after 2.5 hours i got about 80% downloaded when the server timed out, so i cu my losses and came back and searched for every RPM that was listed on the other thread and after about 10 hours of downloading and TRYING to install then having to get all the dependencies i FINALLY have mp3 support and about 1/10th of my videos play, tho im not too sure why the others wont work, ill have to look around for some more codecs i guess. Thankyou for the help i finally have a computer i can use to entertain myself with!