A Suggestion on HowTos

1> All the solved threads be coverted to Howtos.

2> Delete all the necessary.

3> Dis-allow a new thread, which is detailed on the HowTos.

I hope everybody agrees......

Err it is this locked no comments…
How To/FAQ (read only) - openSUSE Forums
Read only if you mean here then these are unreviewed and down to user discretion if you mean you want the Moderating team to review some perhaps be a little more specific…

Unreviewed How To and FAQ - openSUSE Forums

Thanks for the suggestions KhurramM

There’s about 25000 threads so far. And that’s just the first year. Probably we would need technical experts to identify the quality threads and turn them into HowTos (and they would need to be good at technical writing to turn a thread into a Tutorial/HowTo).

How would we proceed (how many staff – how to recruit and pay them etc) – what do you think?

Thanks for the prompt responses…

Well, I am not upto that level, I have currently failed to install os11.1, but heres my suggestion in a broader sense:

I help this guy solve his problem in say 10 threads.
In the end his issue is solved.
Well, I copy paste out of of threads the points to make a new HOWTO. This is just COPY and PASTE. No more.
Delete the thread.
Anyone <Expert gurus, definitely not my levelees> can do it.
Definitely, both of u can do it, hopefully.
I dont suggest for the older threads.

This way newbies can easily get 3 steps solutions for there, what-so-ever problem.

I hope I make my self clear.:wink:

Something along the lines of what you describe is available form the HowTo forums, as pointed by FeatherMonkey. If you had a very good thread, you could do as you suggest and put the tutorial in the Unreviewed HowTo area where you could take comments from the community. Then with the help of a technical expert you could rewrite and polish it and then move it to the read-only HowTo area.

Thanks for the suggestion/s.


This post
A fix for Start Numlock on KDE startup in 4.2.1 release108 - openSUSE Forums
is Swerdna’s point is it also something like this that you mean?

Hey – I just used your HowTo – good one!

> This post
> 'A fix for Start Numlock on KDE startup in 4.2.1 release108 - openSUSE

i wonder how ‘they’ decided that the ability to automatically have
(easily) the Numlock ON at startup was no longer needed?

oh, let me guess: that is the way Windoz does it. am i right?



You can say that something like it.

All I care is something to the point and in steps. So that no body has to go thru 2 to 3 webpages to read and find two steps (say) answer.