A Strange MTP issue

I have an Android phone (Motorola Droid Razr M) and when I connect it to the computer running OpenSuse 12.3 I get this weird error of it mounting and unmouting every second. When it does not do this then when I try to copy something over to the phone it tells me MTP has shutdown unexpectedly. I’m not sure if this is a phone issue or an issue with the MTP program. Anyone have any suggestions?

Based on my limited experience with my phone:

I’m running 12.3 64-bit and have no problem connecting with my galaxy S, as long as there is no other app writing to the phone storage - if there is, the phone will disconnect. You may try to see if there are apps running on the phone that could do this and stop them. Also for each session I have to either read or write files. If I try doing both the connection breaks.

Another idea: perhaps a bad USB cable or connector (on the phone or PC)?
Try switching the cable or use another connector (on the PC, obviously).

If that doesn’t work, try AndSMB for Android (you’d have to set a samba server on your PC) to transfer files through wifi, it’s quite good, together with a decent file manager (I use the free Oi file manager, not bad). Or if your files are not so big there’s bluetooth (never used it, but my daughter does, all the time). And of course there’s the cloud…

Good luck

You may wish to upgrade to 13.1, I have had far more success with MTP in it

Moto G
And 12.3 and 13.1 behave identically
For me that is perfectly.

12.3 is not a new release. What you didn’t explain is if it’s new to you and if the said error is also new…?
Or did it work OK before/earlier.

Coincidentally, there is an update today of a mtp lib, to increase compatibility with newer phones, or something to that effect. It may help.

No I have had OpenSuse 12.3 ever since it came out. Rather the problem is new or not I’m not sure. I just recently tried it and this is what happened. Normally I would use Airdroid to transfer files with but my network is down right now. And I have no internet connection other than making the phone a hotspot. Airdroid wont work like that so I can’t use it right now. So I just tried to connect to the USB and go that route. I am updated with the latest as far as I know but I will check manually to make sure.

Update I checked to see if there were any updates and there infact was so I updated and now it seems to be working. Thanks for all the help :slight_smile: