A special thanks to the openSUSE community and Developers

I have recently became a part of the openSUSE community and I would like to thank all of those that are involved from the developers to the community. Recently being part of the Ubuntu and Windoze world I left in search of something better, never quite satisfied with the quality and reliability of their products. Along my long search and distro hoping I came upon openSUSE, an OS that quite frankly took me by surprise. The attention to detail, the stability, the reliability, and the over all feel of the OS is outstanding!! I’ve seen many youtube reviews of how people feel that certain things in openSUSE should be change to be more like Ubuntu and all I would have to say to that is get lost! I’m not completely putting done Ubuntu but its nice to have a distro that allows you to grow old with it and not get bored. The installer, the one-click installer, the hard way, and the self configurations make openSUSE the perfect OS(don’t really care for the term distro when it comes to SUSE) for me…and lets not to forget the community. I have found myself glued to the forums not because of issues but so I can participate, something that I have never done with any other OS. So, to stop now before I start getting to mushy:’( I just want to say thanks to everyone that is involved!!

If you didn’t have one yet…a very warm welcome !!

Thanks a lot for sharing, take your time, find your way around, and above all: enjoy and have fun !

Great. You are welcome.

Hi TuxAttack,

nice to meet you!

I also enjoy chatting about my Linux obsession.

I used to think Suse was some boring distro for business types, and last time I tried it was very frustrated with my inability to get wireless working. However I just re-installed - it was on a Linux Format disk I think - and was really impressed, so I updated to the latest release and love it.

I really like the clean, elegant aesthetics and the stability is excellent.

Welcome TuxAttack. openSUSE will change your life and you will become a happy fellow.