A Simple Thing I can't Work Out

I accidentally closed my Desktop Panel which I really liked, now I cant work out how to get it back…please help me…I am a simpleton.:slight_smile:

maybe right click on the desktop -> add Panel
right click on the desktop -> unlock widgets
right click on the desktop -> add Panel

hope this helps.


Sorry I meant desktop folder. It shows a panel with all the icons.

Like what I have circled here:


Right click on desktop, unlock widgets, add widget, folder view.

Refreshingly simple. :slight_smile:

Yes it was simple, thank you.

I can empathise - on several occasions I’ve not been able to find something because, frankly, it was put right where it ought to be.

Like adding something to the KDE menu - I was expecting to have to trawl through lots of partially buried settings screens, rather than just right clicking on it. Had me lost for a good half hour. :slight_smile:

In future, don’t leave the desktop widgets unlocked.

Good advice.