A save ink/toner feature?

I recently switched a work machine to to opensuse tumbleweed and was wondering if there’s an a program with a save ink/toner feature like in Adobe Acrobat DC.

From the Adobe forums:

The “save ink/toner” feature of print in Acrobat DC is actually an integration of the Adobe LeanPrint product into Acrobat’s print pipeline. Simply stated, it uses ICC color management with special profiles designed to minimize ink usage. Nothing more, nothing less.

I don’t see any similar options in Okular. I’d like to have this feature as it saves me a lot in toner costs over time.

You should probably search the KDE bug list to see if a similar feature has been requested and if not add this to it.


If you are using an HP Printer, you can easily save toner by selecting one of the draft options.

Yes, this really depends on the driver. I print to Brother and Ricoh printers, both of which have toner save options available.