A sane way to modify repos' url managed by openSUSE service?

Now that OSS’ repos are managed by zypp service. What should I do if I want to:
1). change some repos (oss and non-oss) that are currently pointing to cdn.opensuse.org so that they point to a specific mirror site I prefer.
2). change for https to replace http for an OSS leap installation.

Should I disable the default openSUSE service altogether?

I just went into the configuration files and replaced the hostname (I did that to change my installation from download.opensuse.org to cdn.opensuse.org several months ago).

Before changing from http to https, I would make sure that your preferred mirror supports https and has a valid certificate.

Thank you for the answer. Do you mean to manually change the content of files under /etc/zypp/repos.d/, e.x. the baseurl line in the openSUSE:repo-non-oss.repo file?

I forgot to mention that I tried to change url using Yast2-software repositories, but the change got reverted as soon as the openSUSE service refreshed (automatically). I was notified too that these change wouldn’t retain as they were managed by openSUSE service.

openSUSE-repo* are optional packages supporting repos service. I have openSUSE-repos* locked out, as I prefer traditional repo management.

I am not saying I understand this, but my situation is:

  • openSUSE Leap 15.5
  • packages openSUSE-repos-Leap and openSUSE-repos-Leap-NVIDIA are available via the standard repos )Main (OSS) and Update (OSS))
  • they are not locked/tabooed
  • they are not installed

I am wondering why I am not affected by them (well, I have no NVIDIAS hardware, so maybe only one of them) installing spontanious (as I understand is happening to many), and thus am kept free from their (for many unwanted) actions.

As said, just wondering.

That is the reason why you are not affected.

OK, thanks for the explanation.

I understand that this openSUSE zypp service can be disabled/removed.
I am asking if it is necessary to disable/remove it if one wants to modify the urls managed by the service. I tested that it seemed impossible using yast2-software repositories tool since it reverts your modifications there.

@hendersj advised to modify configuration files to achieve this, but I hope he can clarify what configuration files/content to work on.

The configuration files are /etc/zypp/repos.d/*.repo
The URLs are there configured in the lines


Yes, it is.

Please try to understand the question. Read what zypper service is.

This was the question:

Together with the title of this topic I understand this as : where to configure the URLs for the repositories defined for zypper/YaST > Software?

And my answer is above.

I think you understand right. It just seems that @arvidjaar suggests it not be a correct solution, (that modifying the baseurl line will not work because openSUSE service would overwrite changes in the file), if I understand him correctly… :thinking:

That is correct. If you want to manage those files manually, you need to disable the service, and probably taboo the packages that install the .repo files, or they may be replaced if an update to those packages occurs. (I’m not sure what the behavior is in that instance; typically config files aren’t replaced unless there’s an update in the code that makes the config files incompatible - but that also isn’t always the case).