A review of OpenSUSE 12.3

Hello guys,

It has been 8 years now and ever since SUSE 9.1, I have been a die hard fan of OpenSUSE. I never wrote a review of any Linux distro but OpenSUSE is one heck of a cool OS. Here is something I wrote: My review of OpenSUSE 12.3 Dartmouth.

OpenSUSE 12.3 Detailed Review - When beauty meets strength

I hope it justifies what I feel about my fav. Linux distro.


Good luck, spreading the word around :wink:

Thank you for acknowledging it. :wink: It was my first distro and it is the one I like the most. When I saw Dartmouth, I really loved it (i have used almost all the releases since 9.1 except 11.2 and 11.3) and took a good 3 days time to enjoy it and then I wrote their piece. I hope you liked it.


“Dartmouth” article too me several hours for me to put together.I started using openSUSE from 11.0 .keep going and best of luck. I have not yet finished configuring my system after installing 12.3. Will probably finish it this weekend.

Nice, i see you are KDE fan, trust me Gnome is not that bad its just different.

@vazhavandan same goes for me, started to use openSUSE since 11.0 and god hocked to it :smiley:

Nice article! I didn’t realize the database switch from MySQL and MariaDB until I read your article. This distro really is rock solid. Even better when I installed KDE 4.10.1, if you haven’t done so, I say give it a go. It has made Kontact nearly 100%.

@creatura85 : Yeah I am a KDE fan. Thanks to Ubuntu. I switched to KDE (installed kde-desktop) and the whole system ****ed itself up. At all times, I had two sessions running - one of Gnome and one of KDE. It appeared as if KDE was getting displayed on top of Gnome. Moreover, Gnome lacks certain customizations I would like to have. It’s control center is not that cool and so on. Hence KDE :smiley:

@Futureboy: I would love to. Undoubtedly. But what have they improved? It is quite a minor release! I am waiting for that in tumbleweed anyway :slight_smile:

BTW, I would love to share another post by myself which skyrocketed on views and FB likes (well beyond what I expected). But since that can make me look like a spammer, I feel I must ask you guys here.

And it feels so great to be among people who think alike and respect differences. Facebook feels like a flame-war zone. If I say ‘KDE’ there, Gnome fanboys would be like…pointing fully loaded SMGs on me :stuck_out_tongue:


Ubuntu uses a fork of Gnome for the desktop, but i understand you, i got the same way too after installing Gnome. Lucky me i done this inside Vbox :smiley:
Agree with you the control center could be better but its better to have something than nothing i say.