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There are tons of books out there about linux. I myself am looking for a one to teach me the ins and outs of hardware, but there is noting out there. I was thinking since these forums are supposed to be educational as well as helpful that it might be good if there was a forum about books and sites that are good places to learn from. I am a newbe to linux, but not computers, though mainly a proficient user not coder. I do like to build systems from parts though, so I’d like to know the ins and outs to hardware and linux. I like SUSE because of the good documentation. By far the best of any distrobution out there, but it still lacks a fundamental education about hardware and how linux relates to it. Clear this up for everyone out there in an easy to follow way and linux really is as easy as windows. Anyhow, I just think that a sticky devoted to sites and books that are good for learning would be useful in all forums of this type.

Sounds like something that could possibly be useful over in the
“Looking for something other than support” forum

Kim (1/7/2009 10:39:21 AM Mountain)

Thanks Kim,

I started a thread there:

An educational sources sticky - openSUSE Forums

I hope this is appropriate. I am new to forums, and pursuing a new hobby here, and I’d like to see if there is a way to make hardware easier to understand for someone at my level of experience. It shouldn’t be that hard to make it easier to learn than it is.

If it gets some good resources in the thread, I’ll point it out to the
staff and see if they want to make it a sticky. Thanks

Kim (1/7/2009 11:36:35 AM Mountain)

I am finding a bunch that I’ll keep in a list to put up there. It would be nice to make the OpenSUSE forum a one stop site for all our linux development needs.

I like your attitude. :slight_smile: Keep in mind that the members of the staff
have to agree on things like this and not all ideas brought here to the
forums are implemented. Thanks for caring.

Kim (1/7/2009 12:42:08 PM Mountain)