A question regarding the repositories and safety

I don’t mean to offend anyone, I’m just a newbie regarding Linux, coming from M$ Window$ and all the security threats always hanging over me there! :slight_smile:

Are all the packages from openSUSE Build Service safe to install? no malicious software packs?

I can see that there are several sources, like openSUSE:Factory:, which I believe is safe, but also others, like home:enzokiel. I’m just wondering if anyone can just add packages in there whenever they want to or if there’s some kind of control.

Thanks in advance for understanding my concerns! :slight_smile:

Welcome, to coin a notable here “newbies should restrict themselves to OSS, non-OSS, update, and packman”. These are safe, have the least amount of dependancy problems, and include most of the core apps that many will need. Once you have hardware, and some learning in on the system you can venture cautiously down new roads. Like if your using 11.1 with KDE4.1 you should consider removing KDE4.1 in favor of KDE4.3 as it is more stable.

What you find outside the openSUSE system is generally not prone to infectious behavior as with windows but may result in compatibility issues which you will need some skills in Linux to resolve. People here may be able to help you resolve issues if you do absolutely need an app a need help to figure out where to turn.:\

As techwiz03 noted, I always recommend ONLY 3 repositories for new users and NO others. None. The 3 are: OSS, non-OSS, update, and packman

Now reference, are they safe? The answer is YES?

There are security threats to Linux, but catching virus via rpms on a repository is currently no risk at all. In fact there is no risk at all on Linux of catching any virus.

Instead the risk to Linux comes from hackers breaking into your PC remotely via an open port in your firewall. There are 'bots constantly patrolling the web, and apply brute force attacks to Linux PCs. This is easy to defend against with some common sense (good password, good user name, keep firewall up, use port remapping for open ports, and other measures).

And all Operating Systems, including Mac, Windoze, and Linux, are at risk to phishing attacks, where one is tricked into logging into a web site and giving away one’s username and password.