A question re: installing openSUSE w/ Windows already there

Hello. I just wanted to confirm that if I install openSUSE on a laptop that already has Windows installed and data on it, and pick the option that says something like “shrink Windows partition” during the installation, that it won’t delete the data already on the Windows section? ie- that I’ll be able to dual boot with Windows having not lost any of my previous data even though that partition is being shrunk? thnx

Yes BUT.

You should first IMO boot a live CD and see how openSUSE runs and at the same time, from a linux terminal let us see the output of

su -
fdisk -l


Well first the Windows directories should be defragged as per the OpenSUSE install instructions. The shrinking should not damage the data, BUT any operations that modifies partitions is potential dangerous!!! Always backup important data!!! Think what might happen if you lose power in the middle of such an operation. You might want to use Windows utilities do preshrink the partition. But even so there is a potential for data lose so backup. Just leave the space you wish to use for Linux free unpartitioned the installer will use that space. Always double check what the installer plans to do and make sure it is what you want it to do. Any questions ask here.

Last always follow the 3 cardinal rules of computing

thnx everyone!